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Our main role is to organise and run fundraising events for the school. The money raised through the massive generosity of parents, friends and families at these events is used by the school to fund extra things such as outings, educational days, or new resources for the school.

Our aim is to work with the teachers to help provide the best experience possible for all the children on their journey through The Ilsley’s Primary School.

The team is as follows:

Victoria Britton                               Chair

Rebecca Hartley                              Treasurer

Clare Portman                                  Secretary

Meg Hall                                            Secretary

Jessica Walsby, Helen Saxton, Fiona Challier, Sarah Marshman, Robyn Harrison, Joli Beattie, Amy Rose, Rachel Ward and Zuleika Kingdon continue their excellent work as committee members

If you are interested in joining or helping out at events please do not hesitate to talk to one of us.



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